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Luxury Flowering vine(creeper & Climber live plant)

Luxury Flowering vine(creeper & Climber live plant)

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1 Are You facing any Such problem in Gardening ?

👉No any more suggestion which vine or plant best for my house

👉Have you ever felt like I have a home but it's nothing special?

👉My house have Small not have big space

👉My house have very big & also potted plant but look not good if

👉I am excited how to glow my house like Reach people

👉I am not understand which plant is good my house

👉My house have rental but my passion I am where living making good environment

2 This Combo plant For You, Our Best Suggestion

✅Make Your House 🏡 Awesome This Flowering and fragrance Plant

✅Looking beautiful Your House 🏡attract Bird 🐦🕊️ Butterfly 🦋🦋 Also nearby attract people💏

✅ Do not need any more Plant if you potted this combo

✅ After planting 🥰🥀 this flowering plant, a selfie house will be ready😍😍

✅ No need any extra things 🤔💭 what you timing this plantation time & humidity This plant accepted all India climate 🇮🇳

3 Featured

Best fragrance come all time happy mood

✅ All time flowers will come

✅ This Combo pack also fragrance & beautiful flowers come this is vine

✅ Currently best session for this plantation

✅No need best soil

✅ This is best flowering vine suggest for you

Plant name - Pack of 4 please once check-;

1.Thunbergia mysorensis vine awesome flowers vine come
2.Thunbergia Coccinea vine awesome flowers come
3.Lemon vine awesome fragrance
4.Garlic Vine awesome fragrance

4 Affordable others plant online shopping experience 🤯

This is very cheap price,unique,special, most beautiful collection for your house Decorate Your Home lot Of Flower Surprise for you today 40% Discount 👀

5 Easy to pot

No need extra afford like best soil, best location,best potting timing,best session,best fertilizer, best caring, regular watering etc.

6 Easy to Grow for you

No need regular caring like pruning, watering,air, sunlight problem etc.

7. How Our Product Help To Your Family Member:

😊Your family members will not feel lonely.
😊A good message will go to your family member.
😊There will be a positive energy in your home.
😊Seeing your home will always put you in a good mood.
😊There are fewer fights among family members😲

8 Why people love this Combo Product 🥰

😎 Because this is all Solution for your dream house 🏡 not matter my house If small,old, rental, cottage, villa, bangla, hotel,park, garden, Village house ,Guest house ,temple etc. All flowering vine plant very Unique not common & cheaper

10 Important Instruction;- 

✅🙏 If received plant open parcel without delay than Keep it in shade and spray it with water

✅wait 2 days than pot big flower pot or pot land soil

✅ Need this plant sunlight regular. pot like balcony, gallery, terrace, garden,gate etc.

✅If you want early flower come than spray fertilizer weekly

(Note-:This is outdoor plant not indoor)

Don't miss this 🔥 Summer. Summer is the best session for planting this session all plant growing well & new leaf coming order now 😊



आपके लिए यह सुनहरा अवसर है क्योंकि इस समय पौधे लगाने का सबसे अच्छा समय है बारिश आने वाली है🌧️ अभी ऑर्डर करें✅(फूल वाले बेल वाले पौधे इतने प्यारे लगते हैं जो कि आपके घर के चार चांद लगा देंगे ) पौधे की डिलीवरी पूरी तरह सेफ है



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